5 Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your St. Louis House

Posted by Orli Dudaie // September 3, 2018

Selling Your St. Louis House

If you have selling your St. Louis house on the brain, there’s probably a long list of to-dos that come along with it. But before putting your house on the St. Louis market you want to make sure that you complete repairs that are needed to have your house ready to sell. Some of these […]

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Real Estate Pros Say St. Louis Home Sellers MUST Avoid These

Posted by Orli Dudaie // August 27, 2018

St. Louis Home Sellers

As St. Louis home sellers know that it takes a lot of work to get a home sold fast and for the most amount of money possible. And just as there are a million ways to help expedite a home sale, there are even more ways for St. Louis home sellers to mess it up. […]

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Looking to Buy This Summer? Here’s What St. Louis Home Buyers Should Know

Posted by Orli Dudaie // August 20, 2018

St. Louis Home Buyers

Summer is a very popular time for St. Louis home buyers. Families that have children like to take advantage of the time between the school year to find a new home, get settled into the new school district, and start fresh. However, purchasing in the summer also makes it a little bit trickier because there […]

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How a Property Lien can Affect Your St. Louis Home Sale

Posted by Orli Dudaie // August 13, 2018

Property Lien

There are many things that can get in the way of selling your St. Louis house. You have to choose the right asking price, find the right buyer, and pass the inspection. It can be a stressful process, and the last thing you need is one more thing standing in your way of getting to […]

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How to Build Equity in Your St. Louis Home

Posted by Orli Dudaie // August 6, 2018


Owning St. Louis real estate can be a good investment. Even if you do not own property for investment purposes and just own your own St. Louis home, you can still use it as a tool to build wealth. And St. Louis Home equity is your key to doing that. Here’s what you need to […]

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10 Tips On Researching a New St. Louis Neighborhood Before Buying a House

Posted by Orli Dudaie // July 30, 2018

St. Louis Neighborhood

Moving to a new St. Louis neighborhood can be nerve-wracking. No one wants to buy a St. Louis house and learn that the neighborhood is dangerous or simply not a good fit for their family. Researching a St. Louis neighborhood before looking at houses is essential for making a good purchase. The best part is […]

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Tracking Down St. Louis Real Estate Investment Opportunities For a New Investor

Posted by Orli Dudaie // July 23, 2018

St. Louis Real Estate

Investing in St. Louis real estate can seem impossible. With high costs for houses and a low inventory to choose from, many potential investors have decided to wait out the market. Even though it can be difficult to start to invest, it is a great time to begin. You just have to be willing to […]

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Navigating Through the 3 Worst Parts of Buying a St. Louis House

Posted by Orli Dudaie // July 16, 2018

Buying a St. Louis House

There are so many exciting parts to buying a St. Louis house. Searching for the perfect one, walking through multiple homes, and the best part of all – getting the keys. But in between all of these exciting parts are the really boring ones that are the core of buying a St. Louis house. Few […]

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New Build or Fixer Upper – Which is Right for St. Louis Home Buyers?

Posted by Orli Dudaie // July 9, 2018

St. Louis Home Buyers

When St. Louis home buyers decide to purchase a house one of the first choices that you will need to make is if you would rather buy a new construction or a fixer upper. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options for St. Louis home buyers and there is no one right answer. The […]

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What are Due on Sale Clauses and Transferable Mortgages?

Posted by Orli Dudaie // July 2, 2018

Due on Sale

Typically, when a St. Louis seller finally sells their house they use the proceeds of the loan to pay off their mortgage. It seems like the natural process of what should happen, but many homeowners don’t understand that is what has to happen because of the Due on Sale Clause within their mortgage. What is […]

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